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Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God


Today everything is rush, rush, rush, do it now! Fix it fast, instantly. There is no patience. Even on the highways and byways. Road rage. We all should have patience. It is one of the fruit of the Spirit.

When we go through trials and tribulations, we have to have patience. We all will have trials and tribulations; it is a part of life.

When I was on my walker, I had to learn the meaning of depending on people because I was raised to depend on no man, only God and yourself. I had long-suffering. My patience helped me learn to lean on God. Asking people to open doors for me made me put my pride aside. Thanking people and saying thank you was too much for me. My prayers daily was to help me put my pride aside to even having people make my bed.

I felt I had to pay some them kind of way. I didn’t have the money I needed to pay them, so I offered or gave them something they needed or wanted. I felt I had to do something for them.

My long-suffering with my patience let me know there is a lot that goes with it.

The joy I have now is a joy I cannot measure! I can walk without my walker or my cane. God has taken the pride from me. I now have no problem asking people to do anything for me that I used to do for myself.

Patience is want I needed and God gave it to me!

Written by Mother Joe Ann Hill