Agape Worship Center

  Expressing Our Love For God to God


I watched what the world perceived to be the most sensational and fascinating wedding event of the century. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged their wedding vows and declared their love to each other.

Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart leaped within for joy in anticipation of the most extraordinary and spectacular wedding of all time that was yet to come. A celebration that the heavens and the entire universe will recognize.

Mere words cannot express the joy that I feel. I am overwhelmed as I envision this phenomenal event that God has planned for His bride.

People around the world watched in awe this exquisite and elaborate royal event. For millions of people it was an unforgettable day. However, it is for this one day only. For the people of God our day will be glorious, marvelous and everlasting, extending for an eternity.

Thousands felt honored just to be there as observers on the side lines, hoping to get a glimpse of the royal couple.

The greater honor is to be an invited guest and participant in the actual ceremony.

Imagine the anticipation of this glorious event destined to take place very soon because our redemption is nigh.

Those who have been invited to have a seat at the Master's table as honored guests, "The Bride Of Christ ," as the Bridegroom with great joy welcomes His bride who is beautifully adorned to perfection and clothed in His righteousness. The glory of God Almighty illuminating the atmosphere saturated with continual and eternal worship and praise.

Written by Mother Sandra Harris